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Embassy of the Dominican Republic

Tel: 202-332-6280
Fax: 202-265-8057

Governmental Websites

Presidency of the Dominican Republic
Senate of the Dominican Republic
House of Representatives
Supreme Court of Justice

Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Culture
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Finance
Secretary of Culture
Secretary of Women
Secretary of Armed Forces
Secretary of Public Works
Secretary of Foreign Relations
Secretary of Public Health and Social Assistance
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Tourism
Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources
Technical Secretary of the Presidency

Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
 Governmental Information Center
Center of Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic
National Council for Drugs Control
National Council of Superior Education
National Free Zones Council
General Direction of Customs
General Direction for Aeronautics
General Direction of Taxes
General Direction for Migration
Dominican Institute for the Telecommunications
Dominican Electoral Board
National Police
General Attorney's Office
Superintendence of Banks
Electricity Superintendence
Insurance Superintendence
National Treasury
Secretary of Industry and Commerce
Secretary of Sports