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Embassy of the Dominican Republic

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Carlos Morales Troncoso

Minister of  Foreign Relations                                     

Personal Profile

Mr. Carlos Morales Troncoso was President and CEO of Central Romana Corporation up until he appeared in the political arena, when chosen to accompany Dr. Joaquín Balaguer, as Vice Presidential candidate of the Dominican Republic for Partido Reformista Social Cristiano (PRSC) in the elections held on May 16, 1986.


Mr. Carlos Morales Troncoso was primarily engaged in the sugar industry throughout his adult and professional life.  He studied at Louisiana State University (LSU) and received degrees in Chemistry Engineering (1961) and Sugar Engineering (1962).


Offices held in the course of his professional career ranged from Plant Assistant Engineer (1962) to Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Gulf & Western Americas Corporation (1976-1984).  Later on, when G&W sold its properties to Central Romana Corporation, the major production unit in terms of efficiency and volume of Dominican raw and refined sugars, he took the same office of  President  and became one of its important shareholders.


His responsibilities and vocation for the sugar industry led him to form the CBI Sugar Group.  He is the current President of this organization.  In the scope of the private sector he has chaired several entities engaged in the development of tourism and industrial free zones, and has also practiced social responsibility at the entrepreneurial level with regards to the country’s economic and social development, primarily that of the eastern region.


Mr. Morales has participated in the public sector associated to the Dominican Sugar Institute (Instituto Azucarero Dominicano) and as member of the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.  Up to October 1989, he held the position of Executive Director of The State Sugar Council (Consejo Estatal del Azúcar –CEA), a state-owned consortium of sugar mills.


In addition to his tenure as Constitutional Vice President of the Republic, he also held the position of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United States of America in Washington, D.C. for the 1989-1990.


He was Chairman of the Local Chapter and Vice-Chairman for Central America and the  Caribbean at the international level and as a board member of the Inter-American Trade and Production Board (Consejo Interamericano de Comercio y Producción – CIPYP), and is currently a member of the World Presidents’ Organization (WPO).  He has also been bestowed by distinctions for his dedication and contributions to the strengthening and prestige of the community of businessmen, namely:



Distinguished Graduate in the Business World

Louisiana State University (LSU)



Free Enterprise Award – Best Cluster Company

Gulf & Western Industries, Inc.



Businessman of the Year

Asociación Interamericana de Hombres de Empresa, Inc.



Man of the Year

Dominican Chamber of Commerce of New York



Doctor Honoris Causa of Humanities

Chicago State University



“Julián Barceló” Award as Sports Promoter

Asociación de Cronistas Deportivos & Barceló & Cia.



Most Distinguished Graduate of the Year

Louisiana State University (LSU)


Mr. Morales received from the Dominican Government decorations in the order of merit Duarte, Sánchez and Mella and the Christopher Columbus Heraldry Award, both in the degrees of Great Cross Golden Plaque, in addition to decorations from other eight countries. Mr. Morales has received decorations from the governments of the Republic of China, Italy, Costa Rica, the Sovereign Order of Malta, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina.


Further to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Mr. Morales has added an intellectual production focusing not only on sugar issues but on the role of businessmen and their impact on communities and people. Since 1962 he has been a member of  Instituto Americano de Ingenieros Químicos (American Chemical Engineer Institute) (AICHE).


He held the office of Vice-President of the Dominican Republic for the second time from 1990 to 1994.  In the course of this tenure, he chaired the Follow Up Commissions on:  the World Summit Agreements on Childhood (Decree No. 122-91);  the United Nations Earth Summit Conference on Environment and Development (Decree 340-92); as well a the Follow Up Committee on Economic Integration Schemes (Decrees 353-92 and 362-92).


He was designated Minister of Foreign Relations from August 1994 to May 1996.

In addition, Mr. Morales chaired GATT’s National Commission and in November of 1995, until he vacated the position of Minister, he chaired CARIFORUM’S Council of Ministers.


In March 2002 he published his first book, “De lo Privado a  lo Público,” which depicts his experiences throughout his endeavors in the public and private sectors.  The political activities he has  engaged  include the Presidential Board of  Partido Reformista Social Cristiano (PRSC) and his own interests within the private sector, such as chairing the CBI Sugar Group, which represents the sugar producers of the Caribbean and Central American regions.  By virtue of decree No. 861-04 he was designated Minister of  Foreign Relations once more on August  2004  and he holds this position to date.


Carlos Morales was born on September 29, 1940 and is married to Luisa Alba de Morales.  They have four children, Nicole, Ivette, Michele and Cecile, and eleven grandchildren:  Nicole Marie, Carolina Michele, Carlos Alfredo, Colette Louise, Gabriel José, María Luisa, Eugenio Andrés, Annette Marie, Sofía Noelle and the twins Rodrigo José and Louisa Antonia.